About Us

At STC Capital Bank, we're here to make a difference in the way you bank. We do so every day for our clients by staying tried and true to our founding principles: service, trust, and commitment. These three principles are a whole lot more than just words to us. They're at the center of how we do business; they're even what influenced our name, "STC" Capital Bank.

Upholding our mission day in and day out is an utmost priority here at STC Capital Bank. We do so by providing our valued clients a blend of professional, accommodating, and friendly service, backed by a wide range of value-added products and services to always keep banking easy and accessible for you.

Benefit from our Top-Notch Offerings

  • Relationship Checking – This account not only provides a full-service checking, but also takes your entire banking relationship into account. Benefit from better rates on other STC Capital Bank products, including other checking, savings, loans, and more!
  • Array of Home Lending Options – A lot goes into the home lending process — which is precisely why we have experienced, in-house professionals to keep the process easy for you. When it comes to purchase, refinancing, construction, and home equity loans, we'll help you secure the right financing to go from home hopes to home haves.
  • Business Cash Management Products – Maximize efficiency with the help of STC Capital Bank's several cash management solutions. Take advantage of time-saving services that free up resources for all the other things that keep your business running smoothly.

Thank You From Us To You

If you're new to the STC Capital Bank experience, we invite you to learn more about our mission and all the things we work hard to achieve as an organization for our valued clientele. If you are already an STC client, we'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your relationship with us. We'd also like to return the favor by vowing to continually customize your banking experience in order to remain a great fit for every phase in your life.

Message From Our Leadership

Recently security researchers announced that they had uncovered a bug or flaw in a key safety feature of the internet which could potentially compromise user logins and passwords. We have been in contact with all of our business partners to assess the impact if any. At this point there have been no reports of system compromise and all parties report that they have implemented additional security processes.

Unfortunately cyber threats seem to be a weekly occurrence which often leads to identity theft. The use of strong and complex passwords and a practice of monitoring ones accounts and changing passwords frequently are helpful in minimizing the potential negative effects of such threats.

At STC Capital Bank, our focus is on you and earning your trust. We are committed to building and fostering a relationship that will result in accomplishing ... and hopefully exceeding ... your financial goals - whether you're a business looking to grow or a family or individual looking to prosper.

We invite you to stop in and see for yourself that we can make a difference. We want you to experience banking like never before - an experience that's unmistakably STC Capital Bank!

Christopher Woelffer, President

Tony Sisto, Chairman