Additional Business Services

At STC Capital Bank, we offer our commercial clients more than banking products and services. We provide creative financial solutions to compliment your strategic plans and help you achieve your business goals. We believe in building a relationship with our clients, which begins the moment you walk through our doors.

Reserve a Conference Room

Schedule meetings, conference calls, and more without the hassle of arranging for a meeting space. STC Capital Bank has on-site conference rooms for clients, available at your convenience. Rooms are stocked with snacks, drinks, fax machines, and conference phones — all complimentary for our hard-working clients.

Conference room image

Controlled Disbursement

Maximize your available cash and cut down on idle funds with the help of controlled disbursement. Enjoy having a clearer picture of your check clearing totals early in the day. That way you can accurately stay on top of certain investment or fund management objectives. Controlled disbursement requires very little administrative work on your part. Take advantage of this manageable service through STC Capital Bank and maximize efficiency every day from here on out.

Night Deposit

Even if our branch isn't open, you can still drop off your business deposits outside of regular bank hours. Simply use our night deposit box, and we will process the deposits to the appropriate account the very next business day.

Combined Statements

Consolidate all of your business accounts into one monthly statement. The statement will encompass any account or loan you have open with STC Capital Bank — making it easier for your business to have a handle on your complete financial picture.

Wire Transfers

Move money across the country or the world with the help of STC Capital Bank. We offer quick and easy outgoing and incoming wire transfers. Contact us for associated fees and other information on getting started.