Online Cash Management

With any successful business, the name of the game is to maximize efficiency, not your workload. STC Online Cash Management services help businesses attain this by minimizing physical tasks and freeing up resources for other important things.

Easily make and receive payments, wire funds, review your cash position, and more — all conveniently available online at any time that's convenient for you.

  • Easier, more efficient control over company finances
  • 24/7 control over comprehensive account information
  • Direct deposit of employee payroll
  • Complete wire transfers and ACH transactions
  • Make loan payments
  • Make and receive vendor payments around-the-clock
  • Review previous and current day cash positions
  • Reduce repetition, cutting down on errors in accounting
  • Streamline recordkeeping and free up company resources
ACH Services

Easily collect payments from customers with this time-saving service. Dollar amounts are automatically transferred from a customer's account to yours — allowing you to secure payment quicker and easier.

  • Collect payments from customers quickly
  • Dollar amounts are automatically transferred from the customer's account to your account
  • Secure payment on the same date that the ACH debit occurs
  • Streamline recordkeeping
  • Fewer errors in accounting
Wire Transfers

Send money far distances quickly and easily with a Wire Transfer. Whether your business has a transaction in Illinois, across the country, or across the world, the same level of assurance stands for any distance. STC Capital Bank wire services ensure your money gets to where it needs to go — quickly and securely.

  • Quick, easy, and secure transfer of funds
  • Easily schedule transfers in advance
  • Domestic and foreign wires available
  • Incoming and outgoing wires available
  • Ensure funds are delivered on time and accurately