Working Capital Line of Credit

Just as soon as you've paid for one thing, the need for more funds inevitably comes up again. Meet these business needs head on with a Working Capital Line of Credit. Once established, your credit line can be drawn upon at any time, without reapplying for a new loan.

As you pay down your balance, more becomes available for use. And everything is processed locally, keeping your financial solution just around the corner.

  • Competitively low rates to meet a range of seasonal or ongoing needs:
  • Expedite inventory purchases
  • Arrange for seasonal needs
  • Take advantage of trade discounts
  • Boost working capital
  • And more
  • Fixed and variable-rate options available
  • Non-revolving options available
  • Accommodating repayment schedule, custom-tailored to each business client's situation
  • Available funds are usable at any time without reapplying
  • With revolving credit line - as balance is paid down, more funds available for use
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Friendly, experienced service from start to finish
  • Local decision-making and processing