Having a clear financial picture is crucial for any successful business. Have anytime access to a record of account details by making the switch to eStatements. Cut down on storage hassles and long waits on the mail in one fell swoop.

On top of convenience, eStatements safeguard your business. By eliminating a paper trail of your private information, eStatements minimize the risk of becoming a fraud target. Take action today, ease every other day — enroll in free STC Capital Bank eStatements.

  • Free, secure service for STC Capital Bank business clients
  • Convenient, anytime access to account information
  • Viewable from anywhere with internet access
  • Added security; eliminate a paper trail of private information from circulating
  • Avoid paper storage hassles
  • Added efficiency; no more waits on the mail or searching for a past statement
  • Better for the environment
  • Easily print or download to computer or other storage device


To enroll in eStatements, call, email, or stop by an STC Capital Bank branch. A helpful client service representative will set you up in no time.