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Identity Theft

Arm Yourself Against Identity Theft

One of the fastest growing crimes, and one of the top consumer concerns, continues to be identity theft. Learn how to protect yourself against identity thieves trying to steal your sensitive, financial information.

Identity Theft Resources:

Federal Trade Commission sites:

Not sure where to start? Find out how to protect your computer, your kids online, and much more! Computer Security 101

Data breach? Someone steal your account information? Here are some resources to help you report and recover from identity theft. How to Recover from Identity Theft

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation sites:

This site explains the laws and regulations the FDIC created to protect your sensitive financial information from identity thieves -- know your rights! Consumer Financial Privacy

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to protect yourself and your financial information from identity thieves. Consumer Protection Tips

Check out this handy brochure for more resources from the State of Illinois. Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Brochure