Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking
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Don't have a smartphone?

We offer options for other web-enabled phones and text based mobile banking.


Our mobile apps are like a friendly STC associate right in your pocket. Check your balances, transfer funds, set up alerts, find branches and more. Most of all, stay connected.

Ready to get your app? If you're signed up with online banking, pick the type of services for you and you're on your way. If you aren't signed up, go to our online banking page and get started. View a comparison chart of services available between our smartphone app, mobile web, and mobile text.


Do I need a special phone?

No. You can use Mobile Banking if:

  • Your phone allows text messaging; or
  • You can browse the Internet on your phone; or
  • You have an iPhone or Android mobile device.

How safe is Mobile Banking from my phone?

Mobile Banking is as safe as using Online Banking.

I've downloaded the Mobile App, but I cannot activate the App, what should I do?

  • Try closing the App completely and then re-launch the App
  • Make sure you are using the "App Code": (Mobile1stc) and not the "Activation Code"

I selected "Ask Me Later" when I logged into Online Banking, and now I want to enroll, where do I go?

  • Sign into Online Banking and click the "Options" button at the top of the main screen
  • Under the Mobile Banking Profile, click the "Enroll Now" button
  • If you have tried all the above, contact your phone provider for assistance

Can I make payments to or make advances from my loan, using Mobile Banking?

Even though your loan appears under the "Transfers" function, you cannot successfully post transactions to your loan accounts.

I never receive any text messages, what do I do?

Text messages can be sent to a telephone number to a "short code". When you text BAL, for example, 99588 you are texting to a short code. Some mobile service providers may block the use of short codes. Be sure your carrier is on our list and then contact them to enable short codes for your service plan.

Where can I find all text commands?

Simply text HELP to 99588 and you will receive a text message with all text commands such as (BAL, HIST, etc.).

What happens if my access is locked?

Call us at (630) 377-1555 during business hours and we will unlock it after assuring it is you making the request.

I think I lost my phone... now what?

You can disable mobile banking on your device at any time from within online banking. Or call us at (630) 377-1555 during business hours. We can either un-enroll your device or suspend the service until you confirm the phone is actually lost.